Why people buy a yogurt for 0,40 cents but spend 30k + for a new car?


    Last time I heard a podcast where the host was asking people that exact question. It really made me think, because it is true, especially in my environment. I know people in my close family that buy the cheapest meat, bread, dairy products they can get to save money. But splurge on fancy cars, new tech, phones that cost over 1k €.
    »I use my phone/car every day I need something good.« are arguments you usually get. People never think ahead if they can afford it or if I can use a cheaper alternative.
    In short, people love buying things that they can show off to others, but don’t care much about things that are »invisible« or lets say don’t show an imidate effect. (have a long term effect)

    We live in a hedonistic society
    In general this means we love to live a life full of imidate pleasures, which means anything that brings us imidate satisfaction is the way to go. This is especially true in modern times, with all the social media, the internet which is full of instant gratification and pleasures. Never before in the history of the earth is instant gratification as available as it is now. Need new clothes? A click away. Need a date? Open up a dating app. Horny? The internet. Don’t know the answer? Google it.

    This sounds all good and dandy but is it really? What’s that quote: It’s not the destination it’s the journey.
    To me the point of life is not having everything. It’s about sacrificing the now for later. I always like a good challenge in life, many times it’s the way you have to pursue (the grind), because usually in my experience when you get to your goal, you are like: »Ok I have done this, what is next?«

    On to the next one, I say.

    Anyways to answer the question. People have different values in life, in this modern world, people highly value things that show status – designer clothes, cars, newest tech. The mindset is if I have money to buy all of these materialistic things I will be truly happy. It helps that you can show it off to others as well so they know it – double the happiness I say. In reality it’s the opposite, in general you will pay a price while you pursue these things. Your time, your mental health, your relationships, your family. That’s the small print under the contract you sign. That’s why so many celebrities commit suicide or are depressed. That is the price you pay and deep inside they know, they regret it.
    Don’t understand me wrong. That doesn’t mean you should sell everything off move on and be a hermit. Don’t chase it and make it a priority in your life, take your time and enjoy your hobbies, your family as well. They won’t be here forever, if you’re healthy you will always have time to earn some more money. So here we are at the beginning again. What will help you with your health more, so you can earn money in the future? A good quality yogurt or a 30k vehicle? You decide.

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