Why is the corporate world so toxic

    Since I quit my previous job, I was thinking about the following question – Why is the corporate world so toxic? There is a multitude of facets to the question. Let’s try to cover the most important ones.

    We work less for more stress

    We work less than ever. What about the stress? We all know that today’s work is very stressful, especially cooperate, burn out, depression is on an all-time high, and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. You will get medication, so you get back on your feet, after that off you go. Why is work so stressful?

    Everything today has to be done ASAP, with all technology now from emails, mobile phones, instant notifications you are available 24/7. You are working a task that needs to be done, you get an email or a call that something more urgent needs to be done. At the end of the day, you have 3-4 urgent tasks, that have to be completed. We are not talking about all the other calls, emails you have to respond to as well. It’s very stressful. Everyone expects things to be done fast, you have customers that will move on, if you don’t respond to them in the same day.

    I talked about this with my grandfather, he said back then tasks took a lot more time to be completed. Imagine working in manufacture, some basic machinery that automated certain tasks, but overall everything had to be done with human hands and tools.

    Source: clockify.me

    In sales, you had to count the inventory, write everything by hand and calculate it with a calculator. If you wanted to reach someone, you had to call the company, they contacted their worker. I remember when I was a kid, we never called grandfather at work, except one time grandmother got hurt.

    So what is my point – our grandparents they worked more, and it took them more time. The answer is, they didn’t have many distractions, and they could completely focus on the task at hand.
    You had to count the inventory, no one called you on your phone – you didn’t have one. No emails, nothing. It took you more hours, but you could focus on the task at hand.

    Hard work is not being rewarded

    This is a major issue in the modern working environment. A loyal, hardworking employee doesn’t get the credit he deserves. My grandparents stayed loyal to one company for the majority of their life, I know those were different times, but still you had certain benefits if you stayed with a company. You could go on vacation and used the vacation housing from your company. You got “points” for your effort, if you didn’t have enough points you didn’t get a bonus at the end of the year. It’s small things like those that makes the employee appreciate the company he is loyal to.

    Everything I will write here is my own experience, and things that people close to me told me about their experiences in their respected fields. The majority of times if you do extra work, it will go unnoticed, and you won’t get paid for doing it. The exact opposite happens, they will take your kindness for weakness. The company will exploit you, with phrases like: “Jeff will take care of it, leave it to Jeff.” When you get back from vacation, a desk full of “work” waits for you, because Jeff will take care of it.

    Now if you will go to your boss and ask for a raise, explain everything to him, what you are doing, your workload, results. He will try delay tactics on you as if: “Evaluation is next month, I will see what we can do for you.” Sometimes they will tell it to your face: “There is no pay raise for your position, sorry.” All these are tactics from toxic working environments, to keep you.
    When a new employee starts in the company, at the same position as you, he gets the extra money. It’s very important to talk salaries with your work colleagues, so you can see exactly where you are at in regard of your salary.

    So the only option to earn a raise is to job hop, every few years. In all my experience, you will never get a raise by staying at your current job. Maybe your employee will match the raise, but you have to ask yourself, is it worth staying with a company that didn’t want to give you a raise in the first place.

    The exploit mentality

    The job of a company today is to exploit their workers. The lower you are on the salary pyramid, the higher are the chances you are getting exploited. That’s why the high turnover rate in the entry level positions. The company will do everything in their power, so they don’t have to give the employee a raise. Salaries are one of the biggest expenses for your employer, that and taxes. So they will offer you everything, from free tech (PC’s, mobile phones), vacation days, company car. The company gets tax returns on all those purchases(It’s a bit more complex, but the general rule applies). So it makes perfect sense for them.

    The working system is set up to do as little work as possible. If you do more than you have to, you won’t get rewarded. In many cases, you will get punished. Does that motivate employees? Hell no. It’s a breeding ground for people that lie, manipulate, turn on people, so they get in favor of their bosses.

    The job of a company nowadays is to manipulate employees into thinking they should be happy to have a job. If you are not willing to do your job, we will find another person that is desperate enough to do that job. They have to squeeze out as much juice from a person as they possibly can.

    That’s why I stress how important it is, to have “fuck you” money. If you are in debt, you don’t have the luxury of job hopping all the time. You got debt to pay. Debt is a tool to create more slaves.

    I feel for all the people that made mistakes in their life didn’t know better, and got into debt. People with families that have to provide for their children. They deserve better, than being exploited.

    Let me end with a verse from the great Pac:

    Institutionalized I lived my life a product made to crumble
    But too hardened for a smile, we’re too crazy to be humble, we balling


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