What is healthy?

    Today I want to touch on a different topic. Every single commercial nowadays promotes “healthy” food or supplements. You see people in the gyms exercising, pre-work out shakes, post workout shakes, low-carb diets, chicken breasts and eggs every day. You can’t forget the vegans and vegetarians, they also think their way of life is the healthiest. The weight loss/nutrition market is a major business, every single athlete is promoting their own supplements or has their own weight loss tips, exercise tips. That means you have a lot of information – which means a crazy amount of misinformation as well. A perfect example of this is, up till the 90s, fat was making you gain weight, when in reality the added sugars was what was making people gain weight. The food cooperations pushed out that fact, so they could make a profit on the low fat products, which were filled with added sugars.

    Eat what you can find in nature

    Back to the question. What is actually healthy? The answer is very simple, when I say it, people don’t want to hear it, or believe it. Everything that comes from the nature is healthy and good for you. For example: Apples come directly from nature, the only problem is getting good organic apples. The apples in stores are filled with pesticides and are even waxed, so they shine when you look at them in the store. In general, if you buy your groceries from your local farmer, they will be healthier for you. Now let’s look at apple juice, you don’t find apple juice in nature. You have to take a bunch of apples and press them, add some sugar to them as well and walla your healthy juice is ready. That juice is a bit healthier than drinking Coca-Cola… Why is it like that. Let me explain. You need 27 apples for 1 liter of apple juice. You can drink that juice if you are thirsty in one sitting if you want to, let’s say you are considered, and you drink it in half a day. How many apples can you eat per day? Prehaps 2 or 3 max. Now you can see where I am going with my example. The worst part of this is, in the juice you are getting a 100% concentrate that is filled with fructose(sugar that is in fruit) and added sugars. When you eat an apple, you get sugars as well but not concentrated, plus you are getting one of the most important nutrients as well – FIBER.

    When food is getting processed you lose all the healthy nutrients that are inside fiber, minerals, vitamins.

    Basic food you should eat daily:

    • You should always eat vegetables, half a plate of your meal should always be veggies. You don’t have to be picky with them, you can eat whatever vegetable you want. Vegetables that are great, and I eat on a regular basis: Kale, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, dark leafy greens are amazing. Good source of protein are beans, lentils, peas, nuts (fist of nuts per day, because they have lots of fats). Veggies that you should moderate: Corn(lots of starch), potatoes(sweet potatoes, baked in the oven or cooked) are the healthiest.
    • Fruit you can enjoy on the regular, not all the time, around 3-4 pieces of fruit per day will do just fine. If you exercise you can increase your fruit intake, fruit is great as a pre-workout meal. They are easily digestible and bring lots of energy. Fruits I enjoy on a regular are, berries, bananas, melons in the summer, oranges in winter. Other good fruit is dates(great as a sweetener as well), avocados, pineapple, apples etc. Treat fruits as a dessert/lunch, or a pre-workout meal.
    • Grains bring the carb intake, so it’s the food that makes you feel full. Grains I recommend are: Rice, any type of whole grain(buckwheat, oats, barley). Avoid corn, refined grains (white bread, regular pasta, white flour) and soy products. I dislike soy products because more than 93 percent of the corn and soy planted in the United States is genetically modified in some way. You can look it up. This is one of the reasons I dislike a vegan diet. Because it is very hard to get your protein without relying on soy products.
    • Meat you don’t have to be picky as long as you prepare it the right way. Don’t fry it in oil, bake it in the oven, or in a pan with some olive oil/coconut oil, or any other healthy oil. Meat I enjoy the most is chicken breasts, sometimes chicken wings or half of a roasted chicken. I like minced beef or steak, cooked beef as well. The only meat I avoid is pork, it doesn’t sit well in my stomach, it’s very hard to digest, and I don’t like that it’s filled with staturated fats. You can eat pork, bacon, but keep it in small amounts.
    • Fish is a great alternative to meat, any piece of fish with bones is extra welcome. Tuna fillet, salmon, whatever you like. Throw it in a pan to roast it, put it in the oven in aluminum foil, and you have a high protein meal. Any other sea food beside fish, I tend to avoid. If you enjoy crabs, squid etc. eat it.
    • Eggs, one of my favorite protein sources. They are so versatile, you can scramble them, make pancakes, cook them, sunny side up… Hell, you can eat them raw. I eat probably 2-3 eggs per day. I love them in the morning, they fill me up, and I have no problem staying full till lunch. If you have the means, get free-range eggs, they are healthier, plus you are doing something good for your local farmer.

    Everything else not mentioned here, try to avoid. Especially refined foods, like white bread, fast food, candy etc.

    Why I don’t eat dairy products

    I didn’t mention dairy products until now. Personally I don’t eat dairy products of any kind, the only exception is ghee butter that is lactose free. Why I don’t eat it? Because of my gut health. I find dairy products very hard to digest, similar to pork. I experimented with dairy products a lot and my conclusion was, they don’t fit into my nutrition plan. Do I advocate against dairy products ? No, eat them, but in moderation. Don’t put cheese on every dish, don’t eat a bowl of oats with milk every day, eat it here and there. There are also many traps with dairy products, as with store bought cheese and yogurts. All these products are of low quality, made out of milk powder, that has no nutritional value. Combine that with all the added sugars, sweeteners etc. It becomes bad for your health. If you want to eat dairy, try to get quality products from your local market. Those are made out of real cow milk, they are more expensive, but much more healthy for you.

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