We live in a world ruled by our emotions


    It’s very apparent to me that we live in a world that is ruled by our emotions. Every commercial, every book, movie, song speaks to us on an emotional level. It’s funny because we think about ourselves as these rational, logical beings. We take great pride in being able to think on a greater intellectual level. The truth is, we are ruled and swayed by our emotions. It takes great work for a person to reach a level of consciousness to see your emotions from far away and control them. Because since your birth, you are getting exposed to a huge range of emotions.

    Children are getting feminized at an extreme rate

    Now everything I will write here, will be very controversial especially to women, but it’s how I look at things and how I experienced it, which shaped my opinion. I will write about this topic from a male perspective, since I am male, I will touch the female perspective as well, which isn’t from personal experience, so there will be more room for error.

    I was raised in a household that was dominated by females. My parents divorced when I was 7 years old or so, so my younger sister and I lived with our mother and grandparents. Mother worked all around the clock the majority of my childhood to provide for us, so we spent the majority of our time with our grandmother, which I consider my second mother. Grandmother was and still is the head of the household, in the majority of the decisions she has the last say. My grandfather is a strict man, very stubborn and in certain facets very dominant about his views. But he was, the same as me raised by his mother, he lost his father at a early age. A little background on my father, he was not much around when I was young, funny thing is he also was raised in a household where his mother was the head of the household.

    Anyways this was a some context, now what is my point? The point is following. First off let me say that I owe a huge part of my personality and values to my grandparents, which I love and respect with all of my heart. My grandmother, showed me how important it is to respect people, show compassion, be charitable, humility and to always help a person in need, no matter what. My grandfather showed me the value of hard work, taking responsibility, patience and taking care of your family. All these values are in general if we take a spectrum of feminine and masculine on the feminine spectrum. To add to that, the dominating personalities were always feminine, so that means the feminine values are even more subjected.
    This is especially true in today’s modern world where divorce rates are even higher than before, which means even less male role models for the children to look up to. All the feminist, LGBT movements don’t help the cause as well. Women want to be independent and stand on their own feet, being a woman that takes care for her family and her man is being less and less, supported. In my eyes this is not good for our society and our future.

    All my life I never had the confidence or the will to be myself, because no one ever showed me what it takes to be like that. I always questioned myself on every step, thinking about what did I do wrong, is this the right way? A good father gives their kids confidence and SECURITY. Both me and my sister lacked that our whole childhood. A good dynamic between two parents shows their kids what it’s like to have a real relationship, how to trust, how to love. It is so, so important, both roles are equally important. Today people want to down talk the role of the father in a family, in a broader scope the role of men in society. The world wants to paint a picture, that a woman is independent can take care of herself and her kids, the men is just a “sperm donor.” In a few years they won’t even need that, because of genetical engineering.

    Healthy relationships are the answer

    I am very worried about today’s youth. They will have to grow up in today’s over emotional society, without proper guidance and role models. I fear more and more men will get lost and take sad exits like drugs and suicide. Modern science wants to paint a picture, all of that can be solved by antidepressants and therapy. These are just band aids for the wound. It all starts with your family and parents. Men and women need each other, children need both parents. They need a balance of masculine and feminine energy. Take your time when deciding to have children, think twice and be responsible. If you don’t find someone suitable to your values, don’t have children, there are many other ways to live out your dream. The decision of having children is probably the most important decision in your life, you are never fully ready, but if you are prepared and on the same page, it’s a blessing and not a curse. Even if the relationship doesn’t work out, be there for your children and be a role model for them, to the best of your abilities.

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