No one wants to take responsibility


    Less and less people nowdays admit their mistakes and take responsibilities for their actions. It goes hand in hand with lack of proper parenting of children, together with admitting your mistake is viewed as a sign of weakness.

    Playing the blame game

    You learn to blame others, your siblings, your friends early on in your life. Who would want to get caught doing stupid stuff, when you can blame it on someone else. I think this behaviour is in our nature, even dogs when caught eating from the table will put the blame on the other dog, if not caught red handed. This behaviour gets even more encouraged by getting away with the deed without recieving any punishment. It’s a thrill, like a drug. You have to learn from others how to not behave that way. As I mentioned in my other post, proper parenting is at an all time low, which means lots of parents are stuck in the blame game. I know many cases where parents blame everything on the other parent, use their children against the other parent. These things are such a bad influence on children, who learn from their early age on, that’s the only way relationships work, you can only survive if you point the finger on others. Imagine you are getting bombarded from your early age on with how your dad is fault the marriage didn’t work.

    We want our rights

    All of modern movements like LGBT, feminists, black lives matter, heck even politics is all about we want our rights. Politics is basically based on lies and pointing fingers whos fault it is. When was the last time a politician stood up and said, I take responsibility for this and that. They either find a scapegoat or make a scapegoat. People want their rights, we want equality(no such thing as equality), we want equal pay, we want the same rights as straight people. As soon someone has to take responsibility they all vanish. These movements are nothing but smokescreens and false propaganda. We want a free pass with no consequences. That’s why politics love these movements because they know it’s nothing but smoke with no substance.

    Children are having children

    In these modern times children are having children. It is childish behaviour not taking any kind of blame, not admitting your mistakes. It takes a mature person, a wise person to admit their mistakes. It is very important to teach your kids – to show your kids what it means to take responsibility for your own deeds. Not only that, you have to put it into practice. If your kid comes to you and admits he did something wrong, you don’t chastize him/her. You are strict with them, but always appreciate their gesture with saying something like: “It is very nice of you admitting your mistake.” Your kid will understand, my mistake will have consequences but I did the right thing. This lesson is so so important, I think one of the most important things you have to learn in your life. It becomes much harder later on in your life, if you don’t see or learn that lesson in your childhood. Because blaming others like I said before is a drug, and the easy way out. It also becomes your reality, because you never saw/learned you can admit your own mistakes.

    It is on us to educate the youth

    The world is full of bad role models, from social media, the corporate world, world leaders. It is on us to be good role models for the youth. This includes everyone, from the regular Joe, to a person without kids, parents, every single one of us. Show the youth what it means to be a responsible person, don’t point the finger to others, start at yourself. Be honest about it and try to live it. Be the change you want to see.

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