My thoughts on the future

    This post will be about how do I think the future of this world will plan out. This will include a lot of speculation, maybe I am lucky to live long enough to see certain things play out. The goal of this post is my reflection on these predictions years down the road.

    I will start with obvious predictions, that are based on what is happening now, basically just an expansion of these ideas.

    Population control

    I think vaccination will be mandatory down the road, every citizen will have a vaccine passport to travel around. This will happen in a few years down the road.

    COVID is just the beginning of the end, world leaders will start population control with other viruses, some more deadly, some less. We can compare COVID death rate to World War 2 death rates. COVID death rates in estimate are 4,55 mil (probably less, because they are manipulating the stats) compared to WW2 that’s 60+ Mil. The issue is, we can’t have another world war, or any war, because of biochemical warfare and all the advanced technology. So the last resort will be, laboratory created diseases.

    The lack of wars will force their hand, population is getting bigger and bigger. We are now at approximately 7.7 billion, till 2050 there will be 9.7 billion people. There are too many people in the world, food needs are raising, without genetically modified food, we won’t be able to cover the population growth.

    Regulation of food

    This brings me to my next predicition, the state will start to regulate food even more. Especially how food is produced and grown. They will play the environment and global warming card, to start regulating the food produce.
    For example, you have a farm, and you depend on the state water supply. They will limit your water usage based on their calculation, let’s say you get this many gallons of water per square feet of fields, or animals you own. You can’t get more because of global warming and decreased water supply.

    The next step is regulation of food production. For example, you are a local farmer, the state will bring in laws that will limit your food production, with reasons as, “Farming is not environment friendly, it creates too much waste, the food is not as nutritious as food created by laboratories.”

    “Our food is scientifically proven to have more nutrients as locally produced food. They don’t follow the same standards as our experts do!” This will lead us more and more to “Food in powder, pills, genetically modified food, that is extra nutritious.”

    Virtual currency

    This is an easy prediction, virtual currency will replace all money, that we know now. It’s already happening in China, where certain shops only allow payments in their virtual currency. If they decide to use that currency to pay, they receive 30 “virtual coins” free. Government is starting to enforce that as well, for example if you don’t accept virtual currency only, we will shut your business down.

    Mobile phones will replace everything in your wallet, you will use it for everything, ID, passport, vaccination certificate, credit card, payments etc.

    The state wants to tax and control every single penny that is transferred. The easiest way to achieve that is by implementing a virtual currency.

    The only interesting thing I want to see play out is, how will they regulate the already established crypto market. The state will use the existing crypto technology for their own cryptocurrency.

    I see big potential in the crypto market as being the replacement for today’s unregulated money, as in money that is transferred without paying taxes. The question is if the state can regulate it/tax it/control it.

    Photo by Worldspectrum from Pexels

    Genetically modified human beings

    People will get modified before their birth, it will start with something basic as: “Don’t you want your baby to be healthy, with much lesser chance to be born with a defect, or an autoimmune disease ?” Of course, what good parent wouldn’t want that for their kid.

    My prediction is, it will go even further as with: “We can genetically modify your baby, so it will have bigger brain capacity, lesser chances of growing up to be criminal, or increased concentration capability.” Of course as a parent, you would want that, because it raises the chances for your kid to be successful. Add the additional pressure of every other baby getting modified, so it will be natural to modify your baby so it can compete with others.

    Life won’t be left to chance, being God’s creation, or creation by chance, it will be a human creation that is planned.


    Brainwashing has been practiced since WW2, the Nazi regime did many tests, I read stories claiming that Nazi scientists used psychedelics to increase the mental and physical capabilities of their soldiers.

    Allegedly the USA brought many of those scientists after WW2, and used them for certain brainwashing programs as MK Ultra, or more speculative ones as Manchurian candidates. These brainwashing practices are definitely taking place, CIA claimed they shut down those testing sites, but there is too much to gain for the future to stop testing all together.

    We are starting to see the effects now, in the future we the people will get modified to serve the system. The system will be too complex to be modified to serve us.

    How do you achieve that?

    By modifying human DNA, brainwashing to control people, so they are part of the system.

    You are starting to see the effects of brainwashing as with psychotherapy, antidepressants etc. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are showing symptoms of depression or anxiety, and you are a teenager. How will the system help you? They will give you therapy sessions, if they don’t help you, you will get prescribed antidepressants. Does that solve a kid’s problems?

    No, in the worst case scenario, it can turn you into a pill addict. No one wants to go to the root of a persons problems. It’s the blame of the individual if he can’t function in the system, the system won’t get modified. For example they won’t say to a teenager, take some time off, lets evaluate your upbringing, are you lonely, do you need a better enviroment.

    Psychotherapy in sports or life is being promoted by all people, as being a cure to one lives problems. At the end of the day, it’s just a coping mechanism for the individual to function in the system. They are promoting it for a reason.

    In the future it will look like this: A person with mental issues such as depression or anxiety, will get send to a clinic or to a therapist. They will brainwash you into a functioning human being with the help of medication and brain manipulation via sensors etc.

    I will talk about, potential solutions of these problems in a different post.

    AI the new God

    In the future, we will rely more and more on technology and AI. The system will become so complex, even us humans won’t be able to make the important decisions. AI will have all the available data from the past(since we started collecting data) and the present, to make all the right decisions. No human brain will be able to compete with AI. At first certain individuals or the elite will control AI, and provide it with more and more data, but later on the system, the global economy, industry, technology will be so complex, it will go beyond what humans can understand.

    You can see the beginning of it in medicine (robots perform complex operations much better) smart warehouses (AI controls all the forklifts, inventory), smart homes (automatic heating control, lights, cleaning)

    We are becoming a technological society, at first glance it looks promising but for us human beings, we still operate on a subjective level. Emotions, values, community, faith is what makes us human. We learn the rational and logical while we grow up.

    In a technological society, there is even less room for those values. We are digging our very own grave. If things continue to proceed as they did until now, we are getting closer to the end of the human race as a creation made by God/chance, whatever you want to call it.

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