Loyalty in the work environment

    I worked in relatively small companies, I heard stories from friends that work at bigger ones, and every single boss or manager is preaching the same things to their employees. You have to be loyal to the company. Show me that you care about our company, we are a family here, we care about you.
    Never ever trust anyone in your work environment. I learned that the hard way, I was young and naive. Don’t think for a small second, your employer cares about you or your well-being. You are working for him for one reason only: To bring in the most profit for the cheapest cost available. As long as you are working hard, not causing any fuss and most importantly not asking for any benefits or pay raises. Everything is great, you are a valuable member of the company, with a bright shinning future.

    In the second you ask for a pay raise things always turn sour, especially in bad companies that don’t like to pay their employees.

    They will always come at you with the same excuses, here we go:

    • We have lots of ongoing projects at the moment, can you please wait in the next few months we will come back to you. (You ask the next time, same story)
    • We don’t have the budget for a raise, COVID crisis, business is not doing great
    • Low ball offer, with the same excuse as above
    • We need some time to put together an offer, we will come back to you in a few months. At the end you get the low ball offer

    What are your options?

    Get an offer from a different company

    I always like to talk about solutions, so here is what I think are your options. The best one is to get an offer from a different company, so you have negotiating room when you ask for a raise. This will put the company to the decision, will I make a counteroffer or will I let the employee walk. Many times, especially in bad companies, they will let you walk.

    This is a unique solution that doesn’t work in bigger companies, because you are easier to replace. You work in a smaller company that you like, but the pay is bad, and they don’t want to pay you more. You possess a unique skill set that is not easy to replace. Here is what you do: Quit your job for a few months or more, work on your abilities try different jobs and stay on hold. I guarantee the employer will call you, if you want to come back. Now you have the upper hand at the negotiations, and you can ask for what you deserve. As the saying goes, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. This is a very specific scenario because you need a unique skill set that is very hard to replace, in larger companies everyone is easier replaceable.

    I will talk about what is the best option in my next post, so stay tuned.

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