Be grateful for your blessings


    I catch myself many times looking at things I lack or don’t have. I think in the earlier days, people were much more grateful. Times were much harsher, you didn’t have a whole fridge full of food, my grandparents told me when they were young, they had a cooked egg and potato for lunch, that’s it. You walked to school a few miles every day, meat was only on Sundays if you were lucky. You got a pair of shoes that had to last you for a few years. It was harsh yes, but the majority of people struggled, some less, some more.

    Today that gap is getting bigger and bigger. You have people that work in factories for a few dollars a day, and people who work the bare minimum or even worst, exploit their workers for a profit. We toss away food, while many other people starve. I watched a documentary that showed how kids in Madagascar get a bowl of rice per day, if they are lucky. You should see their faces, no one complains, they are all grateful for that single bowl of rice.

    People starve to death on this planet, people live in real poverty with no options but to sell their selves or take up drugs, selling them or using them.

    Many times I feel guilty when I buy expensive things, guilty that I don’t feel like walking to the store so I take the car. Many people would do anything to be in my position in life, still many times I catch myself not being enough grateful.

    I use my guilt as a reminder to always help others, be charitable and to be humble. Don’t be the person who looks at a beggar, and says: “Oh he should get a job.” or “He will buy alcohol and drugs with it.” What if he just needs some cash to get on his feet? He is not hurting anyone, the person swallowed his pride and is asking for money. Does it hurt you financially to give him a few dollars?

    Please do not be that person. We need more people that want to help others and build them up. There are enough people walking on earth who just look for an excuse to not do the right thing. No matter how shitty your day is, be kind to the cashier, if a person cuts you off in the car, let it be, just drive.

    Life is too short to spread negative energy towards others, it will translate to your own life. While you are giving, always remember this nice Bible verse:

    Matthew 6:3

    But when thou doest alms, let not thy
    left hand know what thy right hand doeth

    You should never give for the praise of others or attention, it should come from the heart. Because it is the right thing to do.

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