Amazon the end of an open market?

    Globalism is knocking on our door, and we are ready to welcome it in with open arms. The big five FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google), are ready to take over the open market.

    My thoughts on the future

      This post will be about how do I think the future of this world will plan out. This will include a lot of speculation, maybe I am lucky to live long enough to see certain things play out. The goal of this post is my reflection on these predictions years down the road.

      When does a person sellout?

        Today, the word sellout gets thrown out quite, a lot of times to artist or famous people, that abandon their beliefs/values for the sake of profit.

        What is healthy?

          That means you have a lot of information – which means a crazy amount of misinformation as well. A perfect example of this is, up till the 90s, fat was making you gain weight, when in reality the added sugars was what was making people gain weight.